BarBaas is my passion for hair

Looking good requires patience

At Barbaas we don't only create Haircuts.

We create personality!

Here's my story

My name is Arwin David. I started out cutting my own hair an that of my friends when I was 14 years old.The reason why I started doing it myself was because we obviously wanted to look good, but simply couldn't afford to visit the barbershop.

I always used to look up to the older kids from my neighbourhood who had the tight cuts and that's what made me choose to become a barber and provide anybody with a nice cut. 

At the age of 16, I went to barber school to get my degree as an established barber because nobody acknowledged the work we did back in the day.

A good friend of mine, an awesome barber by the way, he taught me how to perfect my cuts.

After that, I soon found myself entering barber contests which resulted in me winning various awards. I came in second in what can be considered the Dutch championships for barbers. I was also nominated for the Young Talent Awards in the Benelux.

Ever since that time, my passion for cutting hair only grew and I made it my goal to change men.

This became my inspiration and I want to change men across the world.